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Rock Hill is not about programs and events or tradition merely for the sake of tradition. It is about living our lives in an authentic way as we seek to grow and share the love of Jesus and His transforming power with others in the community.

Kaite Whitaker 456x456

I think my favorite part of Rock Hill is that anyone and everyone can be a part of the community. Each person plays an important role and our community is excited to help you find that role. I feel like an integral part because I’ve seen that everyone has something to offer, and Rock Hill has helped me find what I can.

Caleb Wieneke456x456

Being involved with Rock Hill is huge. Having people around that are friends and getting to worship together is important. We miss everyone when we are out of town.

kyle hutton 456x456

I’ve found values in this community that I think everyone would hope for. The people are open and honest, place others’ needs above their own, speak and listen with truth and love, and more. The beauty of it all is knowing that it all comes from their relationship with God!


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