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  • Tell Me a Story by Jordan Erwin

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    Tell Me a Story For a moment consider our world without stories. What would be the result? There would be the immediate consequence to communicated information and knowledge. It would be flat, detail-less, unfeeling, and bland. Only the pertinent parts necessary for survival would be expressed. So much history would be lost. Countless tales of […]

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  • Good Friday Service Rock Hill Church Lawrence Kansas

    Entering “Easter Advent”

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    Dear Friends, Yesterday we observed our first Common Sunday of the year. I came home encouraged, challenged and moved in my soul, all at the same time. FYI – for those who were not able to attend yesterday, we did not Periscope the service, as we don’t broadcast Common Sundays due to their collaborative nature […]

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  • walking with god obedience integrity man strolling through forest photo

    Walking With God In Obedience And Integrity Of Heart

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    This week (February 26) in our Worship Gathering we looked at God’s conversation with the young King Solomon, recorded in the Old Testament book of 1 Kings, chapter 3. We specifically focused on God commanding Solomon to walk with Him in “integrity of heart and uprightness” and to “obey his commands and keep his decrees.” How […]

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Community Stories Coming Soon!

We will be sharing stories and testimonies from within our community soon. We hope these will be equipping and encouraging for you in your faith and formation as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

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