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Walking With God In Obedience And Integrity Of Heart

This week (February 26) in our Worship Gathering we looked at God’s conversation with the young King Solomon, recorded in the Old Testament book of 1 Kings, chapter 3. We specifically focused on God commanding Solomon to walk with Him in “integrity of heart and uprightness” and to “obey his commands and keep his decrees.” How […]

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Should I Be Giving Money To The Church When I Have Student Loan Debt?

A young man in our community asked a great question recently after the recent message on seeking God's Kingdom and handling treasures and money well. The question: "Should I be giving to the church when I have student loan debt?" Well, let's look into this. (FYI: You can listen to this post.)

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Psalm 23: Anything But Pastoral

This is a guest post from our church member, Dough Ebert. “He makes me to lie down in green pastures … he restores my soul.” When you think of the 23rd Psalm, don’t you picture a couple of nice, peaceful, sheep strolling unconcernedly through a quiet meadow? Did you know that’s the opposite of the […]

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The Summit Speech Not Given

When I first thought about a 2015 “summit” message, I thought about giving a speech of lofty ideals and collective aspirations.  I even wrote one.  Then I decided to not deliver it – not because I didn’t believe what I wrote but because I discerned we didn’t need a speech as we need a plan […]

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