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Entering “Easter Advent”

Dear Friends,

Yesterday we observed our first Common Sunday of the year. I came home encouraged, challenged and moved in my soul, all at the same time.

FYI – for those who were not able to attend yesterday, we did not Periscope the service, as we don’t broadcast Common Sundays due to their collaborative nature (meaning, several people are given the opportunity to share). This makes video capturing the service challenging technically. Also, we want to maintain a level of security and confidentiality with Common Sundays; broadcasting them would be a little like broadcasting a CLC gathering. I hope this makes sense to you.

Easter is less than three weeks away. I would like to encourage you to think about how you might, within the next several days, enter into an “Easter Advent” season.

It is not difficult for me come up with several spiritual disciplines to practice as part of preparing yourself spiritually for Easter. However, I would like to suggest one simple way to do so, and then invite you to share ideas of your own on this blog — after all, I am not the only one with ideas around here!

Here is my suggestion: begin reading Luke 22, 23 and 24 daily.

This week try reading Luke 22 each day through Sunday. Then next week (starting April 3rd) read chapter 23 each day. Then the week leading up to Easter, read the first 12 verses of chapter 24 each day. (We will be looking at the rest of Luke 24 the two weeks after Easter, so you don’t need to read past verse 12 before Easter unless you just want to).

As you read, journal insights, reflections and questions. Feel free to share some of your thoughts on this blog in the comments section below. As a result, others may be inspired and spurred on toward Christ with your words. Do it!

See you soon!

Jim Presnell

Jim is the lead pastor of Rock Hill Church and leads in vision, preaching, and training for the community as a whole.