What Can I Expect In The Service?

The worship service will consist primarily of music, teaching from the Bible by a trained communicator, and prayer. You will find that our group personality is pretty relaxed and casual. The music is typically acoustic guitars, minimal percussion, and typically a male and female vocals with a lead male. It will be louder than an elevator, but you shouldn’t need earplugs. Also, one of our commitments is to not push you, pressure you, or single you out during a worship service. Sit back and observe as much as you want. We hope you can make yourself at home with us.

Oh, and we are “electronics friendly”. You can use the Bible app here, or even “use the Bible app” (*wink wink* – if you’re just browsing Twitter though #RockHillLawrence at least!).

Rock Hill Church

We are a church that calls Lawrence, Kansas home and we love Jesus, love people, and love our city. We hope you see these realities in all that we say and do and you feel welcome to join us in doing them, together!