Our Story: How God Was And Is Forming Us

our story

Rock Hill Church began in the summer of 2012 when Jim and Cindy Presnell made a decision to move to Lawrence for the purpose of launching a new faith community that would be focused on sharing a common life as disciples of Jesus and extending that life with others in the Lawrence community.

Jim was also compelled by the strategic location of Lawrence along the I-70 corridor and the prospect of creating a regional ministry training center that would equip emerging spiritual leaders. Actually, it was Cindy who articulated the core reason for coming during their decision making process: “It appears as though God is at work in Lawrence.” Those words sealed their decision; they were God’s words for them.

We believe God is working all over the world, but we wonder if He is particularly partial to Lawrence! Perhaps you feel the same.

Soon Jim began inviting a group of young men, women and families to join the adventure, All together, about 35 adults and 15 children arrived during the summer of 2013 to comprise what consituted the “core team” of the congregation. During the summer the group gathered in homes, backyards and parks. In October they began meeting weekly in the building of Cornerstone Baptist Church.

Rock Hill is comprised of a diverse group of people – students, professionals, artists, geeks, hippies, hillbillies, kids, and about everything in between. We meet weekly altogether as a community – sometimes we worship, sometimes we serve our neighbors, and sometimes we play! We also meet in smaller groups throughout the city called Common Life Communities. These groups serve an important function in the church as they are designed to help us live out our faith in our neighborhoods and among the people with whom we live, work and play. It is in our CLC’s that we most share our “common lives” together.

You could say that Rock Hill is a values anchored community. It is guided by a group of core values and practices inspired by the life and teachings of Christ, such as the primacy of loving God and people, meeting needs in the community by serving others, and learning to live more thoughtful, selfless, and grace-filled lives.

We are committed to helping others in their journey with God. We hope you will discover that we won’t push you in your journey as much as we encourage you. Feel free to ask us any question you may have. We love questions! Just don’t be surprised if we answer, “Good question, I don’t know – let’s work on that one together!”

What does the future hold for Rock Hill? Well, we hope to continue to love God and others, serve with our time and energy, and help others on their journey with Christ.

Oh yeah, we also plan to have fun along the way. Specifically we don’t know much what the future will look like! There is an old scripture that says “When times are good, be happy; when times are hard, consider this: God has made one as well as the other” (Ecclesiastes 7:14). We are confident that whatever the future brings, God will be there, ahead of and with us. It will be good! We hope you will join us.

Feel free to browse this website and learn more about our core values and beliefs, our ministries as well as some things currently going on, and hear from some of our community.