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Common Meals

Common Meals are a way for us to gather as a community and "break bread" (usually potluck style), relax, and have fun together. We do these out in the beautiful parks around Lawrence as often as we can, about once per month. Even if weather forces us indoors, we still find a way. Watch the calendar for a coming date and sign-up to bring something to share! However, if you're unable to bring something, never let...
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Preaching and Teaching

Most of our preaching and teaching times take place on Sundays in our large group gatherings and classes. We also have our whiteboard sessions which are a specific form of teaching within our community.
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City Serving

It’s important to us that we love our city well! We try our best to love the people and organizations of Lawrence and the surrounding area and hope you’ll join us in doing so! We have a number of opportunities through the year that you can get involved with from helping direct 5Ks to doing city cleanup at schools and homes. For now, the best thing to do would be to watch the calendar page. We'll...
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Common Words

We write blog posts on the multi-author blog as well as share stories and testimonies of people in our community with the desire to equip and encourage you to "run the race" well with this amazing community around you.
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Music Ministry

Currently, our music ministry is our Sunday Gathering Worship Team, but we are willing to expand! Join our gifted and curious team of musicians and artists by letting us know you are one.
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Young Adults (Hangouts)

Young adults are most of our church! We get together regularly (usually spontaneously) for playing volleyball or frisbee, outings to KC, cookouts, and just general hanging out in Lawrence. All it takes to get involved is a phone and a willingness to participate! Download GroupMe (the app) and send a tell someone on Sunday that you want in! You'll then get notifications of stuff going on!
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Women’s Minsitry

Our women's ministry is a new ministry currently consisting of occasional gatherings for mutual encouragement and learning.
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Men’s Ministry

Our men's ministry is a new initiative in our church that began in the summer of 2016. We hope to meet as men 2-3 times a year for service, learning and fellowship.
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Disaster Relief

We participate with the North American Mission Board in providing service and compassion to people affected by natural disasters. Disaster Relief training is available through NAMB and other agencies.

Children’s Ministry

Our children's ministry is led by committed, screened volunteers who love kids! We provide a loving environment for babies and toddlers during our Worship Gathering, and a biblical curriculum of age-appropriate learning and fun for preschoolers (Scouts), K-5th graders (Explorers) and middle schoolers (Apprentices). We hope to begin providing a monthly gathering for high schoolers in the fall of 2016.
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Whiteboard Sessions

Whiteboard is what we call common, interactive learning about cultural and biblical issues that affect us all. Set to launch in the fall of 2016, Whiteboard is a great way to gain clarity on common questions we ask. Bring your markers and join us!
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R.E.D. stands for Recruit, Equip, and Deploy — core dimensions in preparing emerging Great Commission leaders for a life of fruitful service in God's kingdom. Rock Hill is deeply committed to this ministry of character, competency, and convictions formation. We are in the very early phases of building a structured process of training leaders for a life of ministry in every dimension of their lives. More information is coming on this very soon.   *Updated Oct 20, 2016
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Project Impact

Project Impact is a nine-week summer discipleship training initiative for college and university students.  It integrates work, service, outreach, community and learning.  Students live together in a dorm setting and practice a common rule of life.
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Common Life Communities

Common Life Communities, or CLC's, are small groups of people that gather regularly for the purpose of living out our faith in Christ. Together we learn, pray and serve one another and others in our neighborhoods. We are guided by a common set of biblical values called the Heart Attitudes. If you know you're ready to join in with us, we have an interactive CLC groups directory that makes it super simple to search and find...
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Prayer is an important dimension of our community. We gather to pray regularly, in a variety of ways. In the warm months, we often pray while walking outdoors. We pray for one another, our community, nation, and world. Look for our prayer gatherings on our calendar and the home page!