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Muse-ic to My Ears

Musing The_Thinker
The proper musing pose?

Today is October 20. Today it is time for me to write. Why, you ask? For a simple reason – Nicole says my next blog is due tomorrow! Motivation enough. My assigned category for this blog? Musings.

Yep, journalistic free-lance time for me – muse away cowboy. Write something that hopefully will be muse-ic to someone’s ears.

My mind searched for a muse-able topic (maybe I should muse on creating words currently not in the dictionary!). I thought of several possible worthy topics that I have been internally musing over recently.

Then I took a break and read the latest, yet-to-be published (now published) blog on our website, written by Riley Voth. It was a combo reflection-and-application from the sermon yesterday. After reading it (please check it out, it is awesome – keep reading on and you’ll see why I think so), I knew I had my title – I will muse on: the importance of musing!

The Importance Of Musing

So here is why I love Riley’s blog (other than the fact that he frequently strokes my vanity by quoting me). I love it because he is musing – thinking seriously, reflectively and personally about yesterday’s message – what I gave a significant portion of my 168 hours last week to.

My  task in preparing a sermon is more than just studying and thinking about what cool hand gestures to make; it is to spend time before God’s Word and in His Spirit (including ridding myself of the junk in my heart that is not of His Spirit) with questions like:

  • God what do you want to say to us this week?
  • What next steps do you have for us?
  • How do you want to challenge, encourage, or comfort us?”

Then I read Riley’s blog this morning and quickly realize that Riley was now musing in his heart what I preached. He is making the sermon his.  “Those hours mattered,” I happily muse to myself.

The second thing I love about his article is that Riley did, probably without knowing, what I didn’t. Let me explain:

If you have heard me preach more than a couple times, you know I can sometimes be sort of “professorial” (as I have been told).

There are advantages and disadvantages to my style – but one major flaw in my preaching sometimes is that I forget to challenge us to make application of the message (my seminary preaching professor would not be happy with my “there it is, go figure it out!” approach).

So…I’m lying in bed last night, re-preaching the sermon to myself and realize I didn’t ask anyone to apply the message to their lives. *Rats, did it again!* Then I read Riley’s article and immediately thought, he is making the application for us, better than I would have.

Once again, hooray for the Body of Christ working together!

This is how the church is supposed to work – the work of the kingdom doesn’t fall on any one of us.  This time we just stumbled into it (which is often how it works) – I communicated the content, Riley helped us do something with it.  Both are needed, one is not very good without the other.  Collaboration!

We Are All Needed!

This, by the way, is why we need every person at Rock Hill. We have kingdom work to do. We need your contributions, your gifts, even your quirks.

Thanks for musing my sermon Riley. Now it’s on all of us.

Are you are “muser” (another word for spell check!) and a “doer” of God’s word? May it be so…. May we be so!

Muse that.

Jim Presnell

Jim is the lead pastor of Rock Hill Church and leads in vision, preaching, and training for the community as a whole.