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Launching The New Site! Notes and Bugs?

I’m extremely excited to finally be launching the site – I think this means we’re officially a church now? I joke, but in all reality, a website is such a vital part of an organization in so many ways, and this is an exciting step for us as a community.

Rock Hill Church Website 1
Just type into your browser and wah-la!

Not only will it provide an interactive window into our culture for those looking at us, but the desire is that it will also serve as a one-stop central hub for all who are already involved in our community. It gives us one official and central place to officially say, “This is who we are; this is what we think; this is what is going on and how to be involved!”

So I’d like to point a few things out and give you a few “release notes” to get started. Then as you begin exploring, I want you to come back to this post and let us know what you like and don’t like, what is confusing, hard to use, or needs clarified, and any bugs you see as you use it on all your devices. We can’t fix it if we don’t know about it!

A Few Release Notes & Pointers

So now, in no particular order, I’ll begin pointing a few things out that may not be super obvious. However, the hope was that it would be a very easy-to-use site and you wouldn’t need much direction. Again though, if you can’t figure it out, let us know below so we can improve it!

A Few Site Aspects Explained:

  • The Home Page – The home page is accessed by clicking the logo – many know this, but I’ve realized many don’t.
  • The Navigation – The navigation is pretty self explanatory (hopefully) – but let me point out a few pages within it:
    – My Profile Link: If you’re an active member of our community, ever given financially, involved in a small group, etc., then you’re likely in our system we use for keeping track of all things Rock Hill. We invite you to go ahead and log in and update your profile. You can use this to setup online giving, print giving statements, and more. We’ll be upping our use of this system to hopefully coordinate small groups (Common Life Communities) soon, and likely do a training on it.
    – Give: This will allow you to give online and tell you instructions on how to setup reoccurring automatic giving if you’d like! Super-handy!
    – Sunday: This is our page for what you can expect on Sunday – the open front door to our community. So if you have any suggestions for improvements, please let us know!
  • Site Search Feature – Use this to find anything on the site that you can’t currently! This is currently down in the “Footer” of the site. Not ideal, we know… The hope is to code this into the top bar eventually.
  • The Main Slider – This is a place we hoped would serve as a window into our culture and community. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? This can also be used for grand announcements and videos, but typically will just be photos. We are launching with a request you’ll see across the photos: If you have large, high quality photos (or videos), that would fit for this, please submit them to and we’ll see if we can include them!
  • The Testimonials – Not to be confused with “testimonies” (christianese for how Jesus has affected our lives), these are “testimonials” about how being involved with Rock Hill Church. We hoped to launch with these testimonials being clickable, and we’d then be able to read people’s stories on how they became a part of Rock Hill, what it means to them, etc. Be looking for this feature to be fully developed in the future. For now enjoy the short blurbs.
  • The Footer Area – The footer isn’t being fully utilized yet, but as you use the site and we find we need more links to more things, expect that we’ll be adding to it and improving it’s usability. There are a few things to note in this section already though:
    – Lists You Can Subscribe To: We have a few different lists set up that you can subscribe and unsubscribe to as you please. Right now these are Community Updates (notes from Jim on development of the community and things like that) and Blog Updates (an automated email sent to your inbox every Saturday morning to make sure you don’t miss anything).
  • Responsive To Different Devices – The site should adapt to look awesome on every device you use. However, this is really hard to test thoroughly since there are sooooo many different devices out there. So if something looks crazy or doesn’t appear correctly, that’s why! Please let us know in the comments below!

Future Development and Directions Headed:

  • The Blog – My favorite part! We plan to begin using the blog for a huge stream of things from sermon notes, recordings, and podcasts, weekly thoughts and teachings, highlighting people’s stories, photos from events, weekly announcements, and more! We’ll hear from different voices as we go! Please be patient as we get the hang of things though!
  • Testimonials – I explained this above, so please read it. We’ll hopefully have these interactive and highlight people in the future!
  • Leadership Page – This page is still under development as we get photos and define roles.
  • Site Search Feature – Hopefully we can get this coded into a spot in the top bar so it’s quick and easy to access.
  • Podcasts – I believe we plan to setup a weekly podcast of the sermons incase you have to miss and want to catch up on one!
  • Mobile Bugs – I vow to squash all mobile bugs… eventually. I know there are quite a few things still looking a tad quirky on smaller devices. I’ll get those pesky bugs, yet!
  • Design – We’ll have design tweaks to make and one for sure is color! Somehow during the design I’ve come to have a million different colors at work, which in some ways is cool and in some ways is horribly unpleasant and busy to look at. We’ll have to work on this.
  • IMAGES! – One of the biggest areas of improvement I know we need is imagery on the site. Consistent look and feel as well as high quality images all over the site will help a lot! If you want to contribute some images and/or graphics to use on the site – please do!

It’s been a lot of work, but also quite a bit of fun to work on this project. Even though I’ve received much of the credit for the build, I have to thank Chris Presnell, Pastor Jim Presnell, Dave Clausson, Melissa Phillips, and others who have helped over the last many months! Glad to have it in action! Spread the word!


Again please report all bugs you find, any changes you’d like to see, or anything confusing that you find here in the comments below!


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