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Practical Gospel Questions For Our Church

As part of our service this last Sunday, at which we discussed Luke chapter 9 when Jesus send out his disciples to multiply the work in sharing the gospel, we took some time to answer some very practical questions for ourselves.

We had everyone write down their answers to these seven questions below.

Here is all we asked:

1, Write your name if you want to. It’s helpful, but not mandatory.

2. Do not try to be impressive. Try to be extremely sober minded and critical of yourself. Nobody is judging anyone on this. We want to be able to help each other out where we need it.

3. Use a sliding scale to tell where you feel you land on some of these. Then explain in more detail.

If you are filling it out online, feel free to use words such as Extremely Unconfident, Somewhat Unconfident, So/So, Somewhat Confident, Extremely Confident. You could also make a scale like |————X——————–| if you want!

Please email your answers to

The Questions

  1. A. Do you feel it is important for you to understand the gospel message in it’s entirety (just for your self)?B. What does it mean to you to “understand the gospel”?
  2. Do you believe it is important to be able to communicate the gospel message to other people?Why do you feel this way?
  3. How would you rank your confidence in your knowledge of the gospel message? (What you know. What you understand. The certainty in your heart and mind.)Why?
  4. How would you rank your confidence in your ability to communicate the gospel message? (To tell it in a way that makes sense to someone else and brings clarity?)Why?
  5. A: How would you describe your past experience of evangelism (i.e. sharing the gospel)?B: Have you ever verbally shared the gospel with someone? How did you feel that went? Why?
  6. If we could say the gospel consists of “parts” (these are fairly arbitrary divisions for this question)…

    The character of God and his creation of man
    The sinfulness of man and our “fall”
    The sufficiency of christ – his death and resurrection as “payment”
    The necessity of faith, forgiveness, and salvation
    The purpose of present life & the fast approaching eternity

    …which area would you feel you understand the best, and which part do you feel you understand the least? (Feel free to list your own keywords or “parts” as you feel necessary).

  7. What would you like to see happen from us / within us as a church to better prepare and enable you to love others and communicate clearly with the people in your life?


Thank you so much for your participation and feedback with this.

If we believe Jesus is who he says he is, then the most loving thing we can do for people is learn to clearly communicate the gospel in loving and effective ways to our friends, family, and community.

Thanks for growing with us!

Rock Hill Church

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