Get Started And Get Known In Our Community

Paige's Birthday Slide 2500x1600We’re so glad you’re interested in our community! You know why? It’s not because of anything we want from you, but because of what we want for you. The same thing we all want: to be fully known and still fully loved. We believe this only truly happens when it’s from the top, down — from our creator and friend, Jesus Christ, all the way down to each one of us in this community.

We believe doing life together is the best way to bring out more of each other and more of who God is to each other — more accurately, more fully, more abundantly, in all of life! We actually believe this stuff! We believe we can experience this kind of life daily.

So Let’s Do This! Easy Ways To Get To Know Us, Get Engaged, Get Involved:

If you’re looking to learn more about us, check out the main menu item: Get To Know Us. We recommend you start with our core “Heart Values” first. We bet you’ll discover you can appreciate our values, and then our beliefs, which our values rise out of, may appear as life-giving as we think they are.


Get Engaged With Our Community

One of the best ways to engage our community is to attend our Sunday large-group gathering. We call it a “worship service” because, well, we do worship God together. We also enjoy learning from teachers in our community, and catching up with one another. This page should help you know what to expect at Sunday gathering:

If you’re still a bit nervous to show up in person, but want to know what we’re learning as a group, you can tune into the live-stream of the message each Sunday:

We also have a community blog where many of our people contribute their thoughts and learn from each other.

Our Favorite Way To Get Involved In Our Community

So, our favorite way to get started with Rock Hill is to join a Common Life Community. These “CLCs”, as we call them, are how we stay involved in each other’s lives on a weekly basis and practice our truest worship – our daily lives. CLCs are how we remain committed to know and care for one another, and learn from each other to live and love as “disciples of Jesus Christ” (committed followers trying to be like him).

We’d love to have you stop in and check out a CLC. We won’t ask anything strange of you. We won’t even force you to pray! You can just join a group for an evening, share a cup of coffee, and relax. We’re chill, and we’ll be glad to have you!


Now, Can We Get To Know You?

Lastly, if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, we’d enjoy hearing from you and getting to know you. Simply hit this button below and submit your info using the short form you’ll see there. We promise we won’t spam you with anything. A real person will be in touch with you. We’re excited to hear from you!