What Should I Expect On A Sunday?

We understand it can be a bit nerve-racking to venture into a place for the first time… or the fifth! So we’d like to help you know what to expect at our large group gatherings on Sundays.

  • “What should I wear!?”
  • “Is someone going to take care of my kids?”
  • “Will I need ear plugs?”
  • “Is the speaker going to put me to sleep?”

Those are all great questions, and we’ll answer them upfront and try to help eliminate surprises. If we don’t answer your questions here though, please use the contact page or any of the other ways at the bottom of this page to get in touch and we’ll respond ASAP!

When And Where?

Our worship and teaching gathering is each Sunday morning at 10:15 a.m and typically lasts till 11:30 a.m. Most Sundays you'll find us at the Holiday Inn Convention Center on McDonald Drive. Since we're a growing church, we sometimes have to move locations and we suggest you always double check the calendar if you're not sure.

Parking And Entering

Parking at the Holiday Inn Convention Center is located in the southwest lot. There is an drive-through overhang for drop offs as well! Always look for the Rock Hill signs when in doubt (usually white and navy-blue with the Rock Hill logo on them). If the lots fill up or we have bad weather, we'll have some friendly folks to help you find a spot or even take the vehicle and park it for you!

What Should I Wear?

The best descriptor of how most folks at Rock Hill dress is “relaxed.” Wear whatever makes you comfortable - someone else will probably be dressed in a similar way. Be yourself, as long as yourself is wearing something!

What Can I Expect In The Service?

The worship service will consist primarily of music, teaching from the Bible by a trained communicator, and prayer. You will find that our group personality is pretty relaxed and casual. The music is typically acoustic guitars, minimal percussion, and typically a male and female vocals with a lead male. It will be louder than an elevator, but you shouldn’t need earplugs. Also, one of our commitments is to not push you, pressure you, or single you out during a worship service. Sit back and observe as much as you want. We hope you can make yourself at home with us. Oh, and we are "electronics friendly". You can use the Bible app here, or even "use the Bible app" (*wink wink* - if you're just browsing Twitter though #RockHillLawrence at least!).

Children And Security

We know you treasure your kids and know what is best for them. So, we let you decide whether you want to keep them with you in the worship service or allow them to join other kids in our Nursery (for babies), Toddlers, Kids Explorers (K-5th grade) or Apprentices (6th – 8th grade). Upon arrival, we will check them into our childcare rooms and will allow only you or someone you pre-approve to pick them up after the service. If you choose to bring them into the worship gathering with you, all we ask is that if they get restless, please be considerate of others and take them out if needed. We are glad to assist you in any way we can. We are also glad for you to come with them into the children’s rooms when you arrive for a few minutes until they are comfortable. By the way, we make your kids safety and wellbeing a priority, and all of our childcare workers have been screened by us as well as by a local, state, and federal screening service. We also have qualified men patrolling entrances and halls during our gathering times.

Am I Expected To Give Money?

No, not if you don't want to. If you are a guest or not actively involved in our community, we would ask that you just relax and enjoy your time with us - in fact, we even have gear to give you! If you are an active member of our community, then you know it takes money to do what we do together. We value giving cheerfully and in trust to our Lord, and that's what we'd ask of others.

Remember To Check The Events Calendar!

Occasionally we “call in sick” on our Sunday service and go serve in the community together (churches are supposed to do that!), have a picnic or splash around at the lake. So check our events calendar on the website to insure that the Sunday you are planning to visit isn’t one of those occasional Sundays! If we have a special event planned for that day, we would love for you to join us, whatever we are doing! Feel free to call us if you have questions about an event.