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Reflection: The Body Freely Given

If we are Christ's body...
If we are Christ’s body…

As I shared in my message yesterday, I have been challenged by a new understanding of the church as the body of Christ.

I have thought (and taught) for years about the church as the body in the sense of being connected to it head, Christ, and the church body as an interdependent, connected unit with many diverse parts working together.

However, yesterday I saw for the first time the church as Christ’s body hanging on a tree, freely given in love to people needing the grace of God.

As the church, we are the recipients of Christ’s grace and love, and now as his body we have the opportunity to be conduits of them. Just as Christ was sent and given by God for us and came to serve us, now we are given, sent and equipped to serve those in need. This understanding and practice is vital to our spiritual formation as a people.  Worth pondering….

Events Coming Up…

Next week we will observe our monthly Common Meal (4:30, at the Knudsons). We will not meet for our “normal” worship service at Cornerstone. If you haven’t signed up to bring a dish, you can do so on the Rock Hill Common Life Facebook page. There will be a gift card wedding shower for Ryan and Holly during the event. If you are guest, we would love you to join us in our meal. We do this about once a month – rather than listen to a message, we listen to each other around a meal. Undergirding this practice is the belief that God speaks through each of us in very ordinary ways, not just through a preacher’s prepared message.

In less than three weeks we will celebrate our first birthday as a congregation. We are throwing a party at Clinton Lake! We plan to serve the lake by picking up trash, share a couple meals (campout breakfast is the best!), camp (for those so inclined; you can also go home to sleep Saturday night and return Sunday morning), chase kids and play ridiculous games with them. And eat way too many s’mores. We will also share personal and God stories from the past year. Let Michael Stirtz or myself know if you have a story you would like to share. I hope you can make it. We will post details soon.

Jim Presnell

Jim is the lead pastor of Rock Hill Church and leads in vision, preaching, and training for the community as a whole.